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Use our simple Miles Per Gallon Calculator to calculate your cars fuel efficiency over a trip that you have or are going to make. The only figures that you need to remember is the mileage covered and the number of litres used. The best way to retreive the number of litres used is to fill the car all the way up and then go for a drive then fill up again, which of course will tell you the number of litres used.

Miles Per Gallon Calculator

What is the Formula to Calculate Miles Per Gallon?

Unlike other websites, we want to educate and provide you with the formula step by step so that you can do it yourself.

Firstly, we must calculate how many gallons have been used, which means mutliplying the number of litres by 4.54609188.

i.e. Gallons Used = Number of Litres x 4.54609188

After, we simply divide the Miles Covered by the number of Gallons used.

Miles Covered รท Gallons Used