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Daewoo Cars Lanos 1.4 S (SOHC) MPG

1349cc - (2000)

The Lanos 1.4 S (SOHC) produces 380 Carbon Monoxide Emissions in milligrammes per kilometre (mg/km) and obtained a Euro Standard of 2 for air quality. Fuel economy for the Daewoo Cars Lanos Petrol Manual (M5) is 35.8MPG (Combined). Use the Calculator below to calculate Fuel Economy Costs for the Lanos 1.4 S (SOHC).

Fact Value
Make Daewoo Cars
Model Lanos 1.4 S (SOHC)
Model Year 2000
Fuel Type Petrol
Engine Capcity 1349cc
Transmission Manual (M5)
MPG City 24 MPG
MPG Motorway 47 MPG
MPG Average 35.8 MPG
C02 Emissions 380 (mg/km)
Euro Standard 2
Noise Level 72. (dB(A))

MPG Calculator for Daewoo Cars Lanos 1.4 S (SOHC)


The Daewoo Cars Lanos 1.4 S (SOHC) (2000) does not have the best MPG within the Lanos range. The same model with the best Fuel Economy is the Lanos 1.4 S (SOHC) (2002) Petrol 1349cc engine, which averages 39.2 MPG . The best performing Daewoo Cars in 2000 is the Matiz SE (SOHC) (2000) Petrol 796cc engine, which averages 44.1 MPG.