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Citroen Saxo Saxo 1.0i MPG

954cc - (2000)

The Saxo Saxo 1.0i produces 696 Carbon Monoxide Emissions in milligrammes per kilometre (mg/km) and obtained a Euro Standard of 2 for air quality. Fuel economy for the Citroen Saxo Petrol Manual (M5) is 45.6MPG (Combined). Use the Calculator below to calculate Fuel Economy Costs for the Saxo Saxo 1.0i.

Fact Value
Make Citroen
Model Saxo Saxo 1.0i
Model Year 2000
Fuel Type Petrol
Engine Capcity 954cc
Transmission Manual (M5)
MPG City 34 MPG
MPG Motorway 55 MPG
MPG Average 45.6 MPG
C02 Emissions 696 (mg/km)
Euro Standard 2
Noise Level 72. (dB(A))

MPG Calculator for Citroen Saxo Saxo 1.0i


The Citroen Saxo Saxo 1.0i (2000) does not have the best MPG within the Saxo range. The same model with the best Fuel Economy is the Saxo Saxo 1.5 D (2003) Diesel 1527cc engine, which averages 54.3 MPG . The best performing Citroen in 2000 is the Xsara Xsara 2.0 HDi 90 hp (2000) Diesel 1997cc engine, which averages 54.3 MPG.